Across the Ocean, a New Continent of Peril

Hiring: Cunning Explorers

Adventurers are wanted for a dangerous voyage across the sea,
to explore and claim new lands in the name of our king.
Pay is 200 gold, plus a single share of any riches discovered.

The job didn’t sound easy. Sail into the unknown, and return with loot or die trying.

It certainly started out rough, when the ship was attacked and nearly sunk by a huge sea serpent. After making landfall, things only got worse, as the captain left to “negotiate” with some goblins and hasn’t been seen since. It turns out the area you landed in is controlled by a demon lord named Akumar and his huge armies of orcs and goblins. His forces destroyed the ship you arrived on and took the entire crew captive.

You’ve managed to find some allies, however: the Eagle Tribe, a group of Halflings, and the Dwarven kingdom of Steelway. The lizardfolk in the southern swamps have also agreed to join your cause. Numbers alone, though, won’t bring victory against Akumar. But the ancient relics of the Demon War still hold a terrible power.

Echoes of the Demon War

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