Echoes of the Demon War

The fall of General Gromush

You defeated General Gromush’s forces, and took the General himself captive. In exchange for his life and his freedom, he has agreed never to work for Akumar again nor harm a defenseless creature. He is now in the service of the dwarven King Warstout.

Gromush was also wearing a strange medallion, that he says has been in his family for generations. He thinks it was given to one of his ancestors during the Demon War, for exemplary service to his master. You now have this medallion.

You then traveled to the southern swamp, and talked to a couple of the lizardfolk who live there. Kat befriended a small red Dragonling, who has agreed to serve as her familiar. Korpoth, the Shaman, asked you to recover a glowing orb that was stolen by a group of kobolds who live to the east.

The Portal to Xoriat

You defeated some of the forces of Zorcoth (The Lord of a Thousand Mouths) and closed the portal to Xoriat.

King Warstout rewarded you each with a +2 weapon of your choosing, and the Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords.

Where is Pankul Runehouse?

You discovered and defeated Pankul’s killer, who turned out to be the high mage’s apprentice, Arken Goldvein. You then developed a plan with the dwarves to close the portal to Xoriat. Turq and Chuck accompanied you as part of a small strike team, attempting to penetrate to the core of the cult’s stronghold.

You defeated an initial group of cultists, two tentacled creatures and one living mouth set in to the wall.

Long buried, but not forgotten

You explored the Dwarven caverns of Steelway and defeated several deformed and tainted dwarves.

Stealing the Sun

You discovered the goblins’ weather-changing ritual, and uncovered a plot to burn down the forest.

Lacielle's protection

Last session, you destroyed a goblin fort, met Lacielle, the guardian of the halflings, and rescued 4 humans from a goblin mine (or was it?).

As a reward for rescuing the halflings, Lacielle has given each of you a cloak infused with a portion of her magic.

Battle at the crossroads

Last session, you defeated a group of goblins camped out at the crossroads, met Bip, and agreed to rescue his fellow halflings from a small goblin fort. You snuck in, defeated the guards, and freed the halflings from their cells.

Voyage across the Sea

The optimistic and enthusiastic first mate of the Indomitable, Scruffin, recruited the players to embark on a perilous journey across the sea. He has promised a reward of 200 gold each and a share of any treasure found upon their return.

A few days out to sea, the ship was ambushed by vicious fish men. A few days later, out in the deep ocean, a huge sea serpent attacked and nearly crushed the ship with it’s tail before being killed. After two weeks at sea, land was sighted and the ship put in at a large, natural harbor.


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