Setting Background

The Demon War was a time of darkness, when armies roamed the land and slaughtered millions. No one knows exactly how long it lasted— nearly all of the records from this time have been lost or destroyed. The best scholars from the University of Gavindar have estimated it as between 100 and 500 years, maybe longer.

During this time, the demonic lieutenants of Asmodeos and Baal fought against each other for control of Sumera: its land, its magic, its resplendent capital city of Gavindar, and most importantly, for its souls. Their armies enslaved humans, orcs, goblins, kobolds, and dragons, forcing them to fight or be slain. The civilized races had no choice but to choose a side. Only a few managed to hide and survive.

Three hundred years ago, the conflict abruptly came to an end. After a final apocalyptic battle, what was left of both armies retreated to another plane. Their departure remains a mystery to this day. Some say the gods themselves drove them back. Others claim that the two forces had depleted themselves to the point that they had no choice but to fall back, regroup, and rearm. Or perhaps, Sumera was simply no longer worth fighting over.

Whatever the cause, the scattered remnants of Sumera slowly began to rebuild. A few small settlements of humans, elves, Eladrin, and dwarves, began the long, slow task of reclaiming their shattered world. Beset on all sides by hostile creatures, and having little knowledge of advanced magic and crafting, they struggled for many years.

But now it is the dawn of a new age. A new king rules—a man who has finally succeeded in uniting the tribes and city states of the eastern continent of Columgrad into a single nation. King Marcoth, formerly Warlord Marcorth, has founded schools, universities, and temples. He has single-handedly spurred the recreation of the University of Gavindar. Scholarship and engineering are again practiced, and the shipyards teem with the construction of new oceangoing vessels.

So much has been lost, but King Marcoth seeks to reclaim as much of it as he can. Ancient texts and engravings tell of another continent across the sea to the east, one that is begging to be discovered again. But the seas are full of vicious fishmen and giant squid. No ships have ever traveled more than two days from land and returned safely.

Setting Background

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